Why this course?

Because of these realistic expectations, you will experience more peace and confidence during the last weeks of your pregnancy. You will also encounter fewer surprises during the delivery, so that you can look back on the entire process afterwards, or as a birth partner on your share during the process, with a good feeling. And that's what it's all about: a positive birth-experience! Regardless of how your delivery went. You will take this experience with you for the rest of your life, so make sure you can look back on it with a positive feeling.

Kirsty Schellekens, midwife, trainer and owner of Bevalwijzer location Leiden takes you step by step through the entire delivery during this online pregnancy course. This is to give you a realistic picture of what to expect. You retain access to this online course for up to two weeks after your due date.


  • prepare yourself professionally and practically for your upcoming delivery?
  • want to know what to expect from A to Z?
  • get realistic information about the delivery?
  • be prepared by the expert in the field of chil: the midwife? 
  • prepare yourself, in your own time, from any location, for your delivery?
  • receive all the information about the different breathing techniques that you can use during childbirth?
  • know how to support as a birth partner and what not to do?
  • take a down-to-earth, no-nonsense course full of reliable information?
  • have the opportunity to review parts after a few days / weeks?
  • have the opportunity to personally ask Kirsty your questions after completing the course by scheduling a live (video) call?

Then sign up for this Online Bevalwijzer course in preparation for your delivery and we will take you step by step through the entire process in about 6 hours.

Time indication
You keep access to the online learning environment up to nine months after purchasing the course. This allows you to follow the course at your own pace. Pause and continue as needed. You can skip parts about which you think you have already received enough information. That is of course entirely up to you! 

Course content and duration
The total duration of the course is approximately 6 hours. he course is divided into two parts. 

First we will discuss the WHAT part of the delivery in which we discuss all the different stages of the delivery and what is things go differently than 'normal' in those phases? We will talk about the  contractions, the hormones, the guidance during birth, location of birth, etc.

During the second part, we will get into the HOW part. So we will give you, with all the information we discussed in the WHAT part, give you different techniques on how to deal with those contractions. How can you relax on a physical, mental and medicinally level? And also: how can your birth partner support you during this process? And how does relaxation or anxiety/stress influence the hormonal loop?

We explain all the information through videos and audio. You can download a handout after completing the course so that you can read all the information again.

The duration of the different modules is 50/50. So approximately 3 hours about the WHAT of the delivery and 3 hours about the HOW. 

And don't underestimate: this is important information before the HOW part. This information provides knowledge and insights that are necessary for realistic expectations about the process. All this information reduces the chance of surprises during your birth and this increases the chance of a positive birth experience. The HOW part that follows also has a total duration of about 3 hours.

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Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    The anatomy

    • The anatomy during your pregnancy

    • Breech position

  • 3

    The four phases of the delivery

    • Phase 1: The effacement of the cervix

    • Internal examination

    • Phase 2: Opening of the cervix - Dilation

    • Phase 3: The pushing phase - the birth of your baby

    • The umbilical cord

    • Phase 4: The birth of the placenta

    • Summary video

  • 4

    The delivery from A to Z

    • How does it start and how does it proceed?

    • True or false labor?

    • Where to give birth? - The Dutch healthcare system

    • Timeline

  • 5

    How do you deal with those contractions?

    • What is labor pain?

    • How to deal with labor pain - PHYSICAL

    • Breathing techniques during labor

    • How to deal with labor pain - MENTALLY

    • How to deal with labor pain - MEDICINALLY

  • 6

    Become aware of your breathing

    • Relaxation exercise

  • 7

    Your birth partner - Summarized

    • How can I support as a birth partner?

    • Take care of yourself

  • 8


    • How to make a 'birthplan' or birth wishes?

    • What does your midwife have with her for your delivery?

    • How do you prepare for a Caesarean section?

  • 9


    • Thank you very much!

    • Evaluation of this online course

    • Download the hand-out

Who teaches this online course?

Midwife and trainer

Kirsty Schellekens

Kirsty has her own Bevalwijzer location in Leiden. Her goal is to enable women and partners to enter labor and postpartum with enthusiasm, good cheer and confidence. She will prepare you for the birth of your baby. As Kirsty was raised bilingual, she also teaches her courses in English and is the face of the English online course in preparation for childbirth

Verloskundige, trainer en eigenaar van Bevalwijzer

Manon de Graaf

Manon wil ervoor zorgen dat kersverse ouders met een positief gevoel terugkijken op de bevalling, de kraamtijd en de eventuele borstvoeding. Zij is ervan overtuigd dat de sleutel bij informatie ligt: informatie vergroot je kennis en inzicht en zal daardoor realistische verwachtingen scheppen. Met de juiste realistische verwachtingen over het geboorteproces en de kraamtijd, kom je uiteindelijk voor minder verassingen te staan. Dit vergroot het gevoel van controle en daardoor is de kans groter dat je achteraf met een goed gevoel op terugkijkt.

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